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Must-Haves For Anyone Who Dreams Of Their Own Boho Home

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

The bohemian interior design style originates from the Bohemians of France, who were mainly nomadic artists. The nature of their lifestyle made it difficult to own luxurious homeware. Instead, they preferred artistic items that showcased their creativity.

The style, with the integration of modernity, still appeals today. It is truly timeless. If you made it to this blog, you want to know how to jump on that train.

Below are the basics of a boho interior;


Get numerous pillows for your couch. Anything between three to seven pillows on your couch may look like too much if you have them in the same color and texture. Vary patterns, colors, and sizes to create an interestingly creative aesthetic. You could introduce a circular sisal rag on top of the larger one in your living room as a base for the coffee table.


The main feature of boho décor is unruliness, better expressed by using texture. The rougher, the better. Think of fuzzy rags, woven throw blankets. A combination of different textures will take your boho game to the next level. Use furs with velvets and woven fabrics with mohair for perfect balance.

Bright warm tones

Boho signature colors are earthy. They make the space feel warm. Bright shades like pink, yellow, orange, and jewel tones complement the earthy colors.

Wicker furniture

Nothing speaks boho better than rattan furniture. The furniture is creative, light, and comfortable. A cane-pattern console will with makes an instant impression on your entryway. Alternatively, you could switch out a solid coffee table with a rattan coffee table for organic beauty.


Include poufs in your furniture layout. Poufs are affordable and convenient as you can move them around to where you need to use them. Think of getting a Moroccan pouf to complement the existing furniture in the living room and complete the boho feel. Use it as a space filler in an idle corner or simply a footrest.

Baskets and macrame

Sisal and wicker baskets are versatile and can be laundry baskets, storage baskets, and planters. Shallow baskets and woven trays can form the perfect wall décor. A collage of baskets in different weave patterns, colors, and shapes on the wall creates a beautiful basket wall that can be a unique focal point for your space.

Macrame wall hangings add texture and natural feel to the wall and warmth to the space.

Boho prints and ethnic patterns

For wall décor, hang up boho prints typical of circles, curves, and single-line work. The images are minimalist, abstract, and botanical. They also comprise illustrations of the sun and the moon in earthy tones. Buy fabrics with different tribal prints coordinate them in your space.

Indoor plants

House plants are not a boho must-have but every interior design enthusiast's necessity. You can adapt any house plant species into a boho home, but some fit seamlessly into the style. Plants with large, voluptuous, and rounded leaves beautifully complement boho décor. Monsteras, calatheas, pothos, and philodendrons fall in the category. Succulents are great too.

This interior design style allows unruliness and creativity. Handmade décor makes the most appeal. A decor tip to remember is to use boho décor in moderation. Too much can be overbearing. Use combinations of different items for a twist.


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