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The Unveil

3d renderings of your new space

3d renderings allow you to visualize your space so you can ensure that design is what you are ready to commit to.


You can decide to take measurements of your own space and send them our way to work with, or you can schedule an in-home consultation and we can do the dirty work for you.

You can revise the 3d renderings as many times as you want (for an additional fee) and you will receive a complete visual walk-through of your place as well.

If you need design services such as layout, moodboards, furnishings, materials and fixtures, we can do that as well. Please check out our other services to see what will suit you best.

unveil includes:

- 3d rendering of your space

- 2 revisions of 3d renderings

- virtual walkthrough

lead time:

- 2 weeks
(if you do your homework on time)

cost: $500/room


- send layouts or handdrawn measurements

- send photos of existing space

- complete design quiz

- send list of existing furnishings



- any revisions above & beyond

- in-home measuring

- design consults, moodboards, layouts etc.

$150/hr for above & beyond

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