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Secrets Of Antiquing

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Interior design in the world today may be used synonymously with modern design.

Designers and homeowners have become so drawn to minimalism and 'light' living that they are blind to the thin line between less and boring. So, what do you do when everyone is busy producing uninspired homeware? Simple, antique.

We need antiques to punch charm and style into modern interiors. In addition;

Antiques are a preservation of history and culture. They are a restoration of memories from previous times.

The quality of antique and vintage pieces can not compare with the cheap mass-produced decor we see in every store.

You don't have to have a vintage theme going on in your space to decorate with antiques. Antiques fit flawlessly into other interior design styles.


Antiques are the real treasures of interior design. It is not easy to come by the intricate designs in modern interior design. The few that are still in the market and good condition go for insane prices. Having these gems in your home render authenticity that will set apart your space.

increase the value of your home.

That said, antiques increase the value of your home. If you are looking to sell, it might be a good idea to display some antiques when staging to attract affluent clients.

You can explore and display your creativity in matching antique items or in DIY to upholster them.

Here are tips on how to decorate with antiques to create stunning spaces.

· Use antiques as centerpieces.

A regency-style chandelier on the ceiling would capture the attention of anyone who walks into the room. Let large antiques take center stage to create interest in your space.

showcase on display shelves

Show off mementos and souvenirs in beautiful arrangements. You have floor-to-ceiling shelving dedicated to your collections.

use antique pieces unexpectedly

The element of surprise is always welcome in interior design. Vintage trunks form unique coffee tables that also offer storage. The body of a bicycle can form the lower part of a console table.


If you don't want it to be evident that you have antiques in your house, you can use them as decor. Small antique vases, candle holders can help tie your space together.

Having mentioned that antiques are a rarity, you may wonder where you can find them, especially after learning their advantages and how to style them.

  1. Flea markets

  2. Auctions especially in colonial homes and homes of expatriates leaving the country

  3. Collectors

  4. Vintage shops

how to shop for antiques

Skim through every single item before you purchase. Ensure the item is in good condition. Items that may be a little break or considered trash can be transformed into exceptional pieces when upholstered. Only buy spoilt items if you have an idea of how to restore them. Otherwise, you may end up with junk to get rid of.

Check for vermin, you do not want to take these home with you.

Last but not least, trust your gut. Only buy items you are truly drawn to.


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