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10 Ways To Update Your Home For Under $500

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

A home should feel comfortable and stay stylish. After a long time of having the same homeware, style, or layout, you may feel the space become ordinary and blah. It is a sign that it longs for an update, maybe a redecoration or a complete style change.

Sprucing up your home doesn't have to be exorbitant. With planning and a little ingenuity, you can achieve a refreshed home on a budget of $500 or less. Here are affordable ways to refresh your home:

  1. A fresh coat of paint Walls define your space. The paint color sets the mood. Refreshing the paint on your walls and ceiling can take your home to a level you never imagined. If you are transitioning to new colors, choose a color palette that will work with the furniture and homeware. Use whites for a clean and brighter feel, neutrals for a minimalist and cooler aesthetic, and bright colors for a warm and joyful effect.

  2. Change old wall art Take down old paintings and try new wall décor like a macrame, piece of art or create a gallery wall. You can switch orthodox prints inside the frames with dried flowers. There are so many wall art options to choose from that it would be considered a sin to leave your walls bare or to retain a single piece for too long.

  3. Shift the focal point Create an area in your space that will be striking enough to grab and distribute the attention of your guests. It could be a feature wall, fireplace, bookcase, or decorative mirror. If you have a gallery wall, consider replacing it with a decorative mirror area to make the space look and feel different.

  4. Upgrade light fixtures Replace cliché bulbs with long pendant lights, chandeliers, and sconces that draw attention to themselves and distribute light even in your space.

  5. Try new furniture arrangements. Sometimes an update is as simple as turning the couch to face the window instead of the feature wall. Change the orientation of furniture and arrangement décor items, and you will see your space look anew.

  6. Declutter Items from former trends or that are spoilt could be the reason why your home looks tired. Shelving units come in handy to organize and display décor items accumulated over time. Keep away what needs to be kept and get rid of what no longer serves you.

  7. Buy house plants House plants are inexpensive. Invest in low-maintenance plants for a start or buy faux plants. They are the perfect way to add life to any space.

  8. Tap into wallpaper Whether plain, patterned or texturized, wallpaper is a cheap way to spice up walls and refresh a space.

  9. Switch up fabrics Change curtains, throw pillow covers and even get a new throw blanket for your couch. Don't forget the rag. Being a centerpiece, changing it will give your home an instant new look.

  10. Add scents Lastly, add ascents to crown the beautiful aesthetic of your home. Buy scented candles and diffusers for a fresh and inviting home.

To save more coins, take advantage of sales and offers. Shop at thrift stores and flea markets and DIY your way to a refreshed home.


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