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What To Do With Ceilings?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

With a whole room to fill up and walls to decorate, it is easy to ignore the fifth wall. We spend very little time looking upwards, and this is why most ceilings are plain. It too needs to be decorated for your home décor to be complete.


Colour can create wonder. It is common to paint a wall or part of a wall with bright contrasting colours from the rest of the walls. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you did that to your ceiling instead? Contrasting colour on the ceiling adds interest to your space and distracts the eye from noticing what is only at eye level.

There are unlimited creative ways to use colour including painting patterns and stripes.


Lighting fixtures complement the ceiling. Besides, every space deserves a light that decorates it and does not get lost in it. Use a wide fixture to distribute light throughout the ceiling. Long pendant lights bring down the light making the ceiling look shorter and the room feel more intimate.


Texture adds visual and tactile character to your space. You can use textured paint for subtle texture or mix paint with drywall mud for more depth and creative effects. Artistic finishes like a stucco-like finish or the popcorn finish can be achieved depending on the method of application.


Climbing and trailing plants look magnificent when veins are let to droop downwards. You can hang a heart philodendron in one of the idle corners of your living room. You can also create a dreamy fairytale vibe in your cozy spot or balcony by handing multiple creepers off the ceiling. A birdcage would further enchant the space.


Ceiling moldings create interesting patterns Take time to choose moldings that suit your décor style and curve out fascinating patterns on the ceiling.


Wood panelling can create an illusion of multiple beams which adds architectural interest to the ceiling. The design is perfect for modern and industrial styles. The paneling can be painted white like the ceiling or left in the original wood color. The deeps and rises of the paneling trap and release light to produce a stunning aesthetic.


Nobody said wallpaper only belongs on the walls. it is a rental-friendly option and takes a shorter time to install compared to other ceiling treatments. Wallpapers come in numerous designs with which you can jazz up your ceiling to your taste and style. Choose unique patterns and get playful so you can create an outstanding ceiling.

You don't have to cover the entire surface with wallpaper. Cut and install it at the center, use stripes of the wallpaper, or create patterns. You can also mix different types as long as they work seamlessly.


Medallions are classic ceiling accessories that can transform or complement the ceiling, especially if the ceiling is large. They can be crafted in many designs and materials to suit your interior design style. The combination of a ceiling medallion and ceiling fixture creates a complete and stunning ceiling aesthetic when done right. Find pieces that match in color and style so that the final look is cohesive.

With these insights, we hope you now have a reason to look up and see what you could add to your ceiling to make your home more appealing.

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