Lush Floral Boutique creates exquisite floral and décor designs for events and weddings as well as corporate functions in the Greater Toronto Area (including Vaughan, Woodbridge and Brampton). See an overview of her striking designs here.

Cynara Fenuta, floral designer and entrepreneur, began her career in the events and wedding industry as a make-up artist. She fell in love with the excitement that accompanies “event day”, and quickly grew to value the contribution she could make to her client’s special occasion and their great memories. So, she sought to expand her offerings in the event industry and ventured into floral design. Influenced greatly by her mother and grandmother’s passion for all things fragrant, floral and feminine, Cynara began building her portfolio, honing her natural ability and eye for colour and design. Within a short time, Cynara began booking events and weddings, confirming that she had discovered her true passion. Since then, Cynara has accumulated a wealth of experience, has built a solid reputation for herself and her company, and has had the pleasure of serving hundreds of happy clients and brides over the years. She is proud to have partnered with some of Vaughan’s most reputable floral boutiques, and enthusiastically keeps up-to-speed with the industry’s latest trends and design ideas. Today, she is pleased to have developed Lush Floral Boutique and warmly invites you to peruse her portfolio and contact her to set up your consultation.


Cynara designs for each event as though it was her own. She creates striking arrangements with only the freshest and fullest stems, adding gorgeous visual impact to your event. Her client’s wishes and budget are always respected. Cynara prides herself on her professionalism and her solid record of client satisfaction. Book your free consultation today!